Conjugation of the verb gynno

Welcome to the conjugation section for the English verb gynno. Here you will find the complete conjugation of this verb in all its tenses and modes. We also offer usage examples for each verb form and mode, so that you can better understand how gynno is used in different contexts.

    ¿gynno en sílabas?



  1. i gynno
  2. you gynno
  3. he/she/it gynnoes
  4. we gynno
  5. you gynno
  6. they gynno
  7. preterite

  8. i gynnoed
  9. you gynnoed
  10. he/she/it gynnoed
  11. we gynnoed
  12. you gynnoed
  13. they gynnoed
  14. present continuous

  15. i am gynnoing
  16. you are gynnoing
  17. he/she/it is gynnoing
  18. we are gynnoing
  19. you are gynnoing
  20. they are gynnoing
  21. present perfect

  22. i have gynnoed
  23. you have gynnoed
  24. he/she/it has gynnoed
  25. we have gynnoed
  26. you have gynnoed
  27. they have gynnoed
  28. future

  29. i will gynno
  30. you will gynno
  31. he/she/it will gynno
  32. we will gynno
  33. you will gynno
  34. they will gynno
  35. future perfect

  36. i will have gynnoed
  37. you will have gynnoed
  38. he/she/it will have gynnoed
  39. we will have gynnoed
  40. you will have gynnoed
  41. they will have gynnoed
  42. past continous

  43. i was gynnoing
  44. you were gynnoing
  45. he/she/it was gynnoing
  46. we were gynnoing
  47. you were gynnoing
  48. they were gynnoing
  49. past perfect

  50. i had gynnoed
  51. you had gynnoed
  52. he/she/it had gynnoed
  53. we had gynnoed
  54. you had gynnoed
  55. they had gynnoed
  56. future continuous

  57. i will be gynnoing
  58. you will be gynnoing
  59. he/she/it will be gynnoing
  60. we will be gynnoing
  61. you will be gynnoing
  62. they will be gynnoing
  63. present perfect continuous

  64. i have been gynnoing
  65. you have been gynnoing
  66. he/she/it has been gynnoing
  67. we have been gynnoing
  68. you have been gynnoing
  69. they have been gynnoing
  70. past perfect continuous

  71. i had been gynnoing
  72. you had been gynnoing
  73. he/she/it had been gynnoing
  74. we had been gynnoing
  75. you had been gynnoing
  76. they had been gynnoing
  77. future perfect continuous

  78. i will have been gynnoing
  79. you will have been gynnoing
  80. he/she/it will have been gynnoing
  81. we will have been gynnoing
  82. you will have been gynnoing
  83. they will have been gynnoing
  84. participle


  85. gynno
  86. let's gynno
  87. gynno
  88. present

  89. gynnoing
  90. past

  91. gynnoed
  92. infinitive

  93. to gynno
  94. perfect participle

  95. having gynnoed
  96. The verb gynno is a fundamental part of the English language and it is important to know its conjugation in order to use it correctly in your conversations, writing, and other contexts. That's why we invite you to explore this section and learn more about the conjugation of gynno. We hope this tool will be useful in your learning of English!

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